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Trademark law

Nowadays, one of the main factors to be successful in business is to choose and maintain the right trademarks for your company’s products and services. Probably more than ever before, imaginary and image creating aspects have become important factors in the customer’s choice between competing products and services. It is no longer the “hard facts” only that tip the scales in favor of the customer’s decision for a particular company and its particular goods and/or services.

Perhaps more than anything else, it is the company’s trademarks that convey and deliver a company’s very spirit and image, to its potential customers, in effect steering the customer’s decision to buy the company’s products and services, or to refrain from buying them.

We provide the following services pertaining to trademark law:

  • Legal advice towards the creation and choice of potential trademarks
  • Registration of trademarks in Germany, Europe, or worldwide
  • Defending trademarks against legal claims of third parties
  • Legal monitoring of your company’s trademarks pertaining to possible interferences of trademarks of competitors
  • Taking all necessary legal action against conflicting trademarks
  • Out of court negotiation
  • Litigation
  • Co-existence agreements