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Protection against defamation on the Internet

The Internet is more and more often used as a forum to provide and gather information. Most of the times the information provided is useful and has been provided in good faith, and it is, in essence, harmless. Some of the times, however, you may find that some of the information you may gather about your entity or person on the Internet is harmful to your reputation or at least apt to be harmful to your reputation. And sometimes specific information in form of remarks and comments is not only apt to damage, but has been deliberately set to damage your company’s or even personal reputation.

As a consequence of the internationality and decentralization of the Internet, it is very tough to combat against the initiator of reputation damaging remarks, as the Internet offers quite a variety of possibilities to remain anonymous. Nonetheless, it is possible to take legal action against defamation on the Internet, if you deal with the situation in a top down way.

We undertake the following legal action against defamation on the Internet:

  • Detection of the responsible person or entity
  • Enforcing all rights under civil as well as criminal law against the initiators of reputation damaging remarks
  • Taking action against the operators of Internet domains containing defamation remarks
  • Taking legal action against references to reputation damaging information in the relevant search engines
  • Out of court negotiation
  • Litigation