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Licensing law

Every technology company has one central asset: its know-how. It is vital for the technology company to license its technical know-how out only to the extent necessary. The customer on the other hand has an interest in licensing in as much of the supplier's technology and know-how as it is beneficial for its business purposes. The license contract needs to bridge the gap between these two poles of interest, in particular in between (potential) competitors. These days, software companies increasingly conduct license audits and threaten the customer with penalties due to unauthorised or not sufficiently licensed use of software.

We perform the following services pertaining to licensing law:

  • Provision of licensing contracts, in particular software licensing agreements
  • Legal advice pertaining to license management and license audits
  • Provision of distribution and reseller agreements
  • Licensing of intellectual property
  • Provision of agreements on non-competition and/or non-disclosure
  • Asset Purchase Agreement Deals
  • Taking all necessary legal action to enforce your contractual rights
  • Out of court negotiation
  • Litigation