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IT outsourcing

There may be a variety of motives for you to outsource your IT infrastructure to a service provider. Strategic or financial considerations may be decisive factors. As a rule you will only benefit from the decision to outsource your IT services if you manage the legal risks pertaining to the outsourcing of your IT.

Therefore, competent legal advice is mandatory in outsourcing process, in particular when you begin to structure your outsourcing process, because only then may you organize your IT outsourcing on legally watertight grounds.

We perform the following services in the framework of IT outsourcing:

  • Legal advice towards the structure and organization of the outsourcing project
  • Drafting of the relevant contractual agreements
  • Revision of contractual agreements and documents provided to you by your business partner
  • Negotiating contractual agreements and documents 
  • Providing necessary due diligence services 
  • Taking all necessary legal action
  • Out of court negotiation
  • Litigation