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IT freelancing

If you work as a freelancer in the branch of IT or if your company works with IT freelancers, either directly or via a consultancy firm, you will be confronted with very special contractual agreements with particularly contrary interests: Whereas the IT freelancer needs to take care that his/her professional freedom is not unduly restrained, the consultancy firm that brokers the freelancer’s services to its customers needs to protect its client base against potential direct competitive access by the freelancer.

Moreover, all three parties involved need to adhere to the applicable laws on temporary-work employment in the event that the freelancer works full time for one specific customer for an extended period of time. Therefore, the drafting of such agreements as well as their execution and the performance of services under such agreements need to be carefully monitored to avoid the legal and factual risks in this particular constellation.

We provide the following services to IT freelancers as well as consultancy firms and customers who order freelancing services:

  • Provision of contractual master agreements
  • Protection against prohibited employee leasing
  • Examination of provided drafts of agreements and their negotiation
  • Examination, drafting and enforcing of non-competition clauses
  • Out of court negotiation
  • Litigation