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Internet law, Social Media, E-Commerce

In the 21st century almost every company uses the Internet as a marketing platform. Social media are omnipresent. Although there may be people who believe that the Internet is a place where the law does not exist, this is not the case. On the contrary, if you do business in a certain country and distribute your products and/or services in this country, you need to comply with all relevant local laws and adhere to them in your commercial use of the Internet in that particular country (contract law, competition law, trademark law, etc.).

Moreover, you need to act in accordance with quite a few special laws on the use of the Internet in your commercial activities, such as for example special requirements pertaining or the laws on the protection of personal data and competition law.

We provide the following services on Internet law:

  • Provision of general terms and conditions for companies conducting e-commerce
  • Legal advice regarding provision and use of social media
  • Provision of general terms and conditions on the use of an Internet platform
  • Provision of legally compliant data protection policies for all companies using an Internet platform
  • Checking up on Internet platforms pertaining to their compliance with competition law and trademark law
  • Taking action against defamation on the Internet
  • Internet domain related problems
  • Out of court negotiation and litigation services