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IT security, Data protection, Cloud Computing

In Germany, the protection of personal data has constitutional status. As a result, all contractors need to comply with all legal provisions on the protection of personal data, on two bases: One, in their business transactions with their customers, and two, in their companies’ own sphere such as, among other things, pertaining to their employees. Moreover, the increasing use of cloud computing and the international transfer of personal data within the corporation structure and by means of the use of the Internet including social media has brought legal questions pertaining to IT security and the protection of personal data into focus. Questions regarding Safe Harbour remain pending. New laws are coming.

We provide the following services pertaining to data protection issues:

  • Provision of data protection documents and contractual agreements
  • Terms and conditions on the protection of personal data including data transfer outside the European Union
  • Evaluation of your business transactions and processes pertaining to their compliance with the relevant laws on data protection
  • Cloud computing agreements with IT service providers: Check-up
  • Legal advice pertaining to questions regarding international data transfer within the corporate structure and regarding the use of the Internet, including social media
  • Out of court negotiation and litigation