A tradition in innovation


We are an IT/IP law boutique in Heidelberg. For many years, we belong to the leading law firms in our market, commercial IT/IP law in Germany’s Southwest. Our clients are mostly owner conducted medium sized companies in Germany as well as Europe and we have consulted most of them for many years.

We are very self-reliant personalities. We enjoy work-life-balance and we not only speak of it, but practice it. We are very athletic in every sense.

We work with ambitious personalities who take pride and pleasure in working in a very professional atmosphere and who share our approach to provide legal advice of the finest art.

We are always interested in great personalities, regardless of whether you may take your first steps in your career or if you intend to give your career a new focus.

We expect a lot from ourselves. But we also have a lot to offer.

If you are interested in working with us, please send your application documents to:

c/o RA Dr. Meinhard Erben
Neuenheimer Landstr. 36

D-69120 Heidelberg


We look forward to hearing from you.